Russia enters the artificial intelligence race and launches the \'Giga Chat\' chatbot

Russia enters the artificial intelligence race and launches the \'Giga Chat\' chatbot
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The Russian technology company, Spear, announced on Monday the launch of its own chatbot, joining the global race for such artificial intelligence tools as the “ChatGBT” program invented by the American company “Open AI”.The “Spear” group affiliated with the Russian authorities stated in a statement published on its website that “Spear” is launching its own model of the chatbot called “Giga Chat”, which is the first of its kind in Russia, noting that the tool will be available in the first stage in a trial version and downwards.

On special requests only.Spear explained that GigaChat is capable of “conversing, writing texts, and answering questions,” as well as “writing informational codes” and “creating images based on specifications.”--“The launch of this chatbot is an achievement for the entire field of Russian technology,” said German Gref, CEO of Spear.

GigaChat can be considered a new chapter in the technological competition between Washington and Moscow.Artificial intelligence raises significant concerns regarding its use and exploitation of personal data. Many countries have already expressed their desire to set rules for using tools similar to GPT Chat.Shortly after its launch, the “Chat GBT” program was banned in several schools and universities around the world, due to concerns about its use as a tool for cheating in exams, while a group of companies advised their employees not to use it.In recent weeks, several technology companies, including Baidu, Alibaba and ByteDance, have announced that they are working on creating their own models of chatbots.

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