Study: 76% of Marketing Experts Use Artificial Intelligence for Content Creation and Writing Advertising Texts

Study: 76% of Marketing Experts Use Artificial Intelligence for Content Creation and Writing Advertising Texts
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The article discusses the results of a survey conducted by Salesforce, which included more than 1,000 marketers, regarding the prevalence and concerns surrounding the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) in marketing. The study found that 51% of marketers are currently using generative AI, while 22% plan to use it in the near future, accounting for about three-quarters of marketers.

Despite the growing interest in generative AI, over one-third of the participants (39%) expressed a lack of knowledge on how to use it safely. They raised concerns about accuracy and emphasized the need for human supervision, proper training, and reliable customer data to effectively harness this technology in their work.

Marketers are currently using generative AI for essential tasks such as content creation and copywriting (76%). However, a significant number of them anticipate significant transformations in the future, with 53% stating that generative AI is behind a "game-changing" shift. Participants attributed this to its ability to change their data analysis methods, personalize messaging content, develop marketing campaigns, and enhance search engine optimization strategies.

Furthermore, marketers expect generative AI to save time and allow them to focus on more strategic work. The findings show that 71% of participants expect generative AI to eliminate time-wasting tasks, while the same percentage believes it will enable them to concentrate on strategic work. In fact, estimates from the participants suggest that generative AI can save them over five hours per week, equivalent to more than a month of work per year.

Accuracy and quality are the top concerns for marketers who emphasized the need for reliable data and human supervision to ensure the successful use of generative AI in their work. However, 67% of marketers stated that the data available in their companies has not been properly prepared for generative AI. Similarly, 65% of participants emphasized the importance of reliable data for the success of generative AI.

Experts agree with these concerns, with Clara Che, the CEO of AI at Salesforce, stating that data is the fuel for generative AI. Without reliable and high-quality data, the desired benefits will never be achieved. Feeding generative AI with irrelevant, inaccurate, or incomplete data can lead to biased, incorrect, or harmful outcomes.

Moreover, 71% of marketers believe that the lack of human creativity and contextual knowledge poses a potential obstacle to the successful implementation of generative AI in the workplace. As a result, 66% of participants stressed the need for human supervision to effectively utilize generative AI in their job tasks.

Marketers require training to fully benefit from generative AI. Despite their enthusiasm for the opportunities offered by generative AI, many marketers feel unprepared to leverage it fully. About 43% expressed a lack of knowledge on how to maximize the value of generative AI.

54% of marketers believe that training programs on generative AI are essential for their successful adoption of the technology. However, 70% of participants stated that their companies have not yet provided the necessary training on the use of this technology.

In conclusion, while marketers show a growing interest in the use of generative AI in their work, there are concerns regarding its safe and effective utilization. Marketers highlight the importance of accurate and reliable data, human supervision, and training to maximize the benefits of generative AI in marketing tasks.

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